An easy recipe to make Traditional Motichoor Laddu at home


How to make Traditional Motichoor Laddu Step By Step Recipe

Motichoor Laddu Recipe is the popular Indian sweet. It’s a delicious dessert served to guests during Festivals and mostly during Wedding functions. The easy recipe to make this tasty and sweet Traditional Motichoor Laddu is given in the article with simple steps.

Easy Way to Make Traditional Motichoor Laddu

The ingredients that you need to make the Sweet Motichoor Laddu are following:


  • Gram flour, two cups (300 grams)
  • Milk, 100 ml
  • Orange color, one pinch
  • Yellow color, one pinch
  • Water, 250 ml
  • Clarified butter, 500 ml
  • Sugar, one cup (150 gm)
  • Water for Sugar Syrup, 225 ml
  • Rose Water, three drops
  • Lemon Juice, one tsp
  • Muskmelon Seeds, ¼ tbsp
  • Pistachio (Blanched), ¼ tbsp

Traditional Motichoor Laddu Step By Step Recipe 232


  1. First of all, obtain a bowl add milk, orange and yellow colors, whisk the milk well, keep adding water gradually, beat it to avoid lumps, make a thin consistency batter.
  2. In a wide pan, add clarified butter and place it on the stove to heat it, reduce the flame to low, by using a funneled sieve, pass the mixture through as droplets over the hot pan in the melted butter to create granular pearl like pieces.
  3. Now, cook the pearls only for fifteen seconds and take them out after golden color obtain, let them cool down until they release the excess oil.
  4. To prepare the sugar syrup, take another pan, add sugar and water in it and place on fire, cook it on a medium flame, keep stirring until the sugar dissolves into water and the moment it dissolves add rose water and lemon juice.
  5. After that, the motis (pearls) that you already made, add them to the sugar syrup and cook for almost two minutes, turn off the heat and let this mixture cool down to come at room temperature.
  6. Then, catch enough mixture in your palm, move it to give a round shape by your fist and fingers in clockwise direction, until you receive your desired round shape and size.
  7. Finally, garnish them with blanched unsalted pistachios.

Serve Traditional Motichoor Laddu and enjoy!