An Easy Recipe to make Special Delicious Gulab Jamun with Khoya


Make Bakery Style Sweet Gulab Jamun at Home

Gulab Jamun- I think this recipe don’t need any introduction. It’s all times favorite traditional festive recipe all over the world. It is classic South Asian sweet desert recipe, also famous in Pakistan for special occasions like on marriages, Ramadan and Eid. There are many recipes and variations of Gulab Jamun but I am going to share with you one of the easiest recipe of Gulab Jamun made with Khoya. One of the variation is preparing Gulab Jamun with milk powder. But made with Khoya and doused in sugar, it just can’t get better than this. So, let’s start with the preparation!

Gulab Jamun

How to Make Gulab Jamun at Home with Khoya


For Sugar Syrup:

  • Sugar, 2 cups
  • Water, 2 cups
  • Milk, 1 tbsp

For Dough:

  • Khoya, 1+ ½ cup
  • Grated cottage cheese, 1+ ½ cup
  • Refined flour, 2 tbsp
  • Corn flour, ½ tbsp
  • Soda bicarbonate, ¼ tsp
  • Green cardamom powder, ¼ tsp

For Frying:

  • Cooking oil

For Garnish:

  • Grated pistachio, nuts, almonds etc. for garnishing


For Sugar Syrup:

  1. Take a sauce pan, add sugar and water in it and heat it until sugar gets completely melt.
  2. Then add milk in it, mix and remove extra scam from it and turn off the heat.
  3. Sugar syrup is ready, place it a side.

For Dough:

  1. Take all dough ingredients on a plain surface or tray and knead them together until completely combine and soften.
  2. Then, make balls of equal size and shape.
  3. Now, heat oil in a pan and deep fry these balls until golden brown.
  4. After cook, soak these fried balls in prepared sugar syrup for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Serve with pistachio and some sugar syrup.
  6. Sweet Gulab Jamun recipe is ready, serve and enjoy!

I hope you will like Gulab Jamun recipe, easy to make and tastes just like battery, even better then it. Must try it at home and share your experience with me. Don’t forget to comment below for your views and suggestion. Cheers!