How to make Double Ice-Cream Frozen Cake Dessert with Simple Recipe 


Double Ice-Cream Frozen Cake Dessert with Simple Recipe 

You may eat many flavors of ice cream in your dessert but it always feels something missing if you didn’t eat homemade dessert after the meal. I am going to solve your problem. I am making a Double Ice-Cream Frozen Cake by using the things you always want as a dessert. So, follow the steps and try it once to make your meal delightful. You can make it in any party for friends and family as it has a delicious taste.

Amazing Double Ice-Cream Frozen Cake At Home

To make the Tasty Ice Cream Cake, you just need few ingredients that are following.


  • Milk chocolate, 100 grams
  • Pistachio ice cream, as required
  • Brownie/cake, as required
  • King Kulfa ice cream, as needed
  • Topping for decoration

Double Ice-Cream Frozen Cake Dessert with Simple Recipe 22


  1. First of all, place the milk chocolate in a bowl, put it in the microwave for a minute to melt it completely.
  2. After that, catch a line loaf dish/pan, set the butter paper and spread the melted chocolate in the base of the pan/dish, freeze for half an hour.
  3. Later, make one more layer of pistachio ice cream slices in loaf pan/dish and spread it evenly by using a spatula.
  4. Now, place brownie or cake slices over that layer and freeze for one hour.
  5. Then, again place king Kulfa ice cream slice over the frozen dessert, spread evenly and freeze for one hour more.
  6. For the decoration of glass, take ice cream bowl, dunk into melted chocolate and coat with rainbow sprinkles.
  7. After that, take out loaf dish/pan from freezer, invert and remove the butter paper.
  8. In the next step, cut the frozen cake into slices of any size you want and place in decorated glass bowl.
  9. Finally, sprinkle nuts, chocolate chips, bunties, rainbow sprinkles or any of your choice and serve.

Enjoy the Double ice-cream frozen Cake!