MANGO Ice Cream

During the summer season, we find mangoes everywhere, widely known as the king of fruits due to its nutrias benefits for health and skin. Mango prevents us from cancer, improves eye health, clears the skin and may help in diabetes.

So, here I’ll share a delicious mango ice cream recipe which makes your summer enjoyable as well!


  • Mango Cubes, three cups
  • Condensed Milk, one and one fourth cups
  • Cream, one cup
  • Yellow food color, optional as required


First ingredient you need is mango take a blender, add mango cubes until make it puree form, then add condensed milk in puree and mix until well combined, take another bowl, add cream in it and beat until make it soft form then mix mango mixture in it and fold gently, put yellow food color in it if you required, then fold gently until combined. put into the airtight container/jar fold it with butter paper and freeze 6-8 hours. You can serve this mango ice-cream anytime!

  • Mango ice-cream is a refreshing tip in hot summer
  • It improves health heart
  • It helps to boost bones health
  • It supporting the digestive system
  • It is easy to consume
  • It helps to reduced cholesterol level