Easy and Quick Homemade Chicken potatoes roll recipe:


Chicken potatoes roll recipe:

This is the easiest chicken potatoes roll recipe to make at home. It will take only ten to fifteen minutes.


  •          Potatoes (boiled), five to six
  •          Bread slices, ten to twelve
  •         Cheese, one hundred gram
  •         Garam masala, half teaspoon
  •        Salt, half teaspoon
  •           Red chilli powder, half teaspoon
  •        Black pepper, one fourth teaspoon
  •        Chat masala, half teaspoon
  •        Oil, for fraying
  •         Eggs, four


This is the easiest chicken potatoes roll recipe. It will take only ten to fifteen minutes to make these rolls.

  • Grate boiled potatoes in a mixing bowl. If potatoes are off small size use six potatoes but if they are of medium sized then four should be enough.
  • Add salt in greeted potatoes, garam masala, black pepper, chat masala, red chilli and boiled chicken and mix.
  • It is important to use freshly boiled potatoes for this recipe.
  • Mix and mash this chicken potato stuffing well so it could become a smooth paste.
  • After that take ten to eleven slices of bread and flat them with a rolling pin.
  • After that spread some chicken potatoes stuffing on flattened bread slices. Take about two spoons of stuffing on each bread slice and spread it equally all over.
  • Cut cheese into long strips and place one strip of cheese on one edge of the bread slice.
  • Now roll it gently, you need fresh and soft bred for this recipe. Make other rolls likewise.
  • Whisk eggs and add one pinch of salt in it.
  • After that switch on the flame and pour some cooking oil in a pan for frying, dip rolls in blended eggs and fry these rolls on medium flame.
  • Then we will flip and fry from all sides. They will be very nicely fried. In about three to four minutes when they get golden brown in colour, they are ready.
  • Drain maximum oil and take out rolls on absorbing paper so all extra oil could be absorbed.
  • Similarly, we will fry the remaining potato rolls. This is the easiest way of making potatoes rolls.

Serve these rolls with tomato ketchup or along with your any favorite chatni and hot tea.

Important tips:

For making this potato rolls recipe we need to make sure of these two things:

  • Bread has to be fresh and soft as only fresh bread will stick well together.
  • Potatoes need to freshly boil to maintain stickiness for sealing.
  • Do not use earlier potatoes which you kept in the fridge.