A Mango one of the fleshiest fruit can find. It contains numerous health benefits. In hotter Summer Mango KHULFI FALOOD is a delicious and refreshing trick. You can easily try this and makes an enjoyable moment!


  • Mango Cubes, three cups
  • Milk, one and a half liters
  • Sugar, one cup or to taste
  • Cardamom powder, one tsp.
  • Rice flour, one and half
  • Pistachio, chopped two-three tsp.
  • Almonds, chopped two-three tsp.
  • Rosewater, one tsp.
  • Khoa, fifty GMS
  • Basil seeds, soaked
  • Disposable cups, six


Take mangoes in a blender; blend until pureed, take milk in a cattle bring it to boil, add sugar , cardamom powder, mix and cook for 5 minutes, reserve half for later use in refrigerating, take one tsp. milk  in another bowl and add rice flour in it. Mix this mixture in boiled milk and cook on low flame for 5-6 minutes, now add pistachio, almonds, rose water in boiled milk and cook until milk thickens turn off flame, then add KHOA and mix it well, let it cool, add mango puree in boiled mixture fold it gently, mixture is ready to take disposable cups fill it with ready mixture garnish with pistachio and almonds freezer for 8 hours or overnight in airtight container.

Whenever you want to serve cut freeze mixture into pieces, take a class for garnishing to serving add mango cubes, basil seeds, vermicelli, almonds, mango KHULFI, and chilled prepared milk, again add basil seeds and mango cubes and serve!

  • Mango KHULFI has amazing taste and a summer gift
  • It has many health as well as skin benefits
  • It makes smatter your brain everyday
  • It prevents from heat stork
  • It enhances immunity
  • It nourishes liver

Hope so we’ll like my mango recipes and must try it!