How to Make Golden Milk At Home to Improve Memory


How to Whiten Skin & Get Sharp Memory

Is your kid unable to perform well in the exams? Do you suffer from the issue of forgetfulness quite often? To make your kid progress in life, and to keep everything at your fingertips, you need to have good brain power and sharp memory. Many kids face the issue of weak memory, and therefore, they forget quickly whatever they learn. To sharpen your memory, you need to take good and balanced diet. Also, you need to be physically active. How to boost your brain power? In the video below, I am going to share with you a simple recipe to make golden milk at home to improve memory and increase brain power fast.

How to Improve Memory & Increase Brain Power

To make golden milk at home for increasing your memory, here is the recipe. The ingredients you need for this are:


  • Lukewarm milk, one cup
  • Turmeric powder, two pinches
  • Saffron, one pinch
  • Pumpkin seeds, one spoon


  • Take one cup of fresh lukewarm water.
  • After this, add two pinches of turmeric to it.
  • Next, add one pinch of saffron to it.
  • After this, add one spoon of powdered pumpkin seeds to it.
  • Now, mix all the ingredients well.
  • After this, you will get the best golden milk to improve memory and whiten skin ready for use.

How to Use:

Use the remedy at night before sleeping. Continue using it for 30 days.

This remedy to improve memory is the best. It also helps to whiten your skin in addition to increasing your memory. So, if you are facing weak memory issue, there is no need to worry for it now. Make and use this healthy drink, and its results will surprise you.