How to Make Oil to Grow Long Hair | Homemade Remedy


How to Make Oil for Hair Growth At Home

Are your hair not growing? Hair growth is the desire of all women, and for getting long hair, women always want to make us of various methods. Long hair help to add attraction to the look of a woman.  Also, long hair add more feminisms to the beauty of a woman. Because of all these reasons, it is the desire of all women to have long and healthy hair. Your hair grow if the roots of your hair are strong. But, the growth of your hair stops because of weak hair roots, and hair fall. Thus, for quick hair growth, the first condition is to have healthy hair. Thus, you must do hair oiling on a regular basis. How to promote growth of your hair? In the video below, I am going to share with you an amazing remedy to make oil to grow long hair at home.

DIY Hair Growth Oil to Get Long, Thick & Healthy Hair


  • White sesame seeds oil
  • Dried berry leaves
  • Neem leaves
  • Curry leaves
  • Spinach leaves
  • Moringa flowers
  • Fenugreek leaves
  • Beet leaves


  • Take a pan, and in it, add white sesame seeds oil.
  • After this, add dried berry leaves, spinach leaves, beet leaves, and Moringa leaves.
  • Next, add dried neem leaves and fenugreek leaves.
  • Now, add a bunch of curry leaves to it.
  • Cook all the ingredients on a low flame and stop cooking when the oil takes green color.
  • Now, blend all the ingredients, and strain the oil into a separate bowl.
  • Now, you will get oil to grow long hair ready for use.

How to Use:

Apply the oil to your hair, and in a few applications, you will see its magical results.

This oil to grow long hair is amazing, and it gently boosts the growth of your hair. The oil is easy to make, and also, it nourishes your hair, and makes hair healthy and strong. So, make and use the oil, and have long, strong and healthy hair.