An Amazing Continental recipe to make Delicious Chicken Steak


How to make Delicious Chicken Steak at home

People now a day, love to eat different food items. Continental foods are also popular in every age group. Today, I am sharing a delicious recipe of how to make Delicious Chicken Steak by using simple ingredients. This recipe is very easy to make and its taste is amazing. It is a continental recipe but people across the world love to eat continental dishes. In this recipe, the spices are moderate which will give amazing taste to the rice. To make Chicken Steak, you just have to follow simple and easy steps and your yummy meal will be ready. Follow the ingredients and procedure given below to make Delicious Chicken Steak.

Ingredients to make Delicious Chicken Steak

For marination

  • Boneless chicken, one kg
  • Soya sauce, three tablespoons
  • Salt, one tablespoon
  • Garlic powder, one teaspoon
  • Ginger powder, one teaspoon
  • Red chili flakes, two tablespoons
  • Vinegar, two tablespoons

For potato mixture

  • Butter, half teaspoon
  • Boiled potatoes, two(cut in cubes)
  • Salt, as per taste
  • Black pepper, as per taste
  • Coriander, one tablespoon

For sauce

  • Butter, one teaspoon
  • Chicken stock, half cup
  • Marination Masala

make Delicious Chicken Steak

Procedure to make Delicious Chicken Steak

  1. First of all, marinate the chicken by adding ginger-garlic powder, soya sauce, salt and red chili flakes mixed with white vinegar.
  2. Then, mix all the ingredients with hand and keep that chicken aside for thirty minutes.
  3. Now, take a frying pan and cook boiled potatoes in butter and add salt, black pepper and coriander leaves.
  4. After that, fry them for three to four minutes.
  5. Now, heat the grill stove and place the marinated chicken on it and cook until the chicken gets soften.
  6. For the preparation of white sauce, take a frying pan and heat butter with chicken stock and some left marination Masala.
  7. In the end, take a serving dish and pour potato mixture on the side of the plate and then white sauce and grilled chicken and garnish it with mint leaves.

You have learned the easy recipe of how to make Delicious Chicken Steak. Yummy Chicken Steak is ready to eat.