How to make Garlic Naan on Tawa without oven


Recipe of Garlic Naan on Tawa without oven at home

Naan is the heart of breakfast. Garlic Naan is very delicious and double the taste and fun of the breakfast. Today, I am gonna share a simple recipe of Naan at home, which you can make on Tawa without a microwave oven. All the ingredients are easily available in your home kitchen. Try the dish and enjoy with your family, friends, and relatives. It is tasteful Naan. It remains soft for a long time.

Procedure to make Garlic Naan at home

To make this delicious Garlic Naan, you have to follow the instructions carefully and get your dish ready within ten minutes.


  • Plain flour, four cups
  • Melted butter, four tbsp
  • Salt, one tbsp
  • Instant Yeast, one tbsp
  • Warm water, as required
  • Garlic crushed, two tbsp
  • Green coriander, two tbsp


  1. First off all take a bowl and plain flour in it and mix it well.
  2. Then, add salt, instant yeast and water in the plain flour and knead the dough for four to five minutes until it becomes fine.
  3. Now, add melted butter in the dough and then knead the dough again.
  4. Later, cover the dough using plastic paper and leave it for two hours.
  5. After that, knead the dough again and put some wheat flour in it.
  6. Then, make balls of the dough and put wheat flour in it.
  7. Now, make a loaf of the balls using a roller.
  8. Later, chop garlic and green coriander and mix it together.
  9. Now, pour garlic, green coriander, and water on the top layer of the loaf.
  10. Then, cook the loaf until its color becomes dark brown.
  11. Lastly, apply butter on it and Naan is ready to serve.

Serve Garlic Naan with mint chutney, tea, and chicken and enjoy it. Hope you will like this recipe.