Make Perfect Restaurant Style Egg Keema Recipe


Make Delicious Egg Keema Recipe for Eggs Lovers

Egg keema recipe is a popular recipe all over the world, minced boiled eggs with spices and vegetables. It’s best light dinner recipe to eat with naan or roti. Eggs are beneficial in a variety of ways and a good source of protein. The Egg Keema Recipe is tasty, easy and quick to prepare, a great way to add eggs in your diet. Try this classic recipe at home using boiled eggs, a perfect protein packed delight for vegetarians who eat eggs. So, let’s start with our today’s recipe!

How to make Keema Recipe at Home With Eggs


  • Olive Oil or Cooking Oil
  • Onion, 1 finely chopped
  • Ginger Garlic paste, 1 tbsp
  • Green Chilies, 2 finely chopped
  • Turmeric Powder, ½ tsp
  • Red Chili Powder, ½ tsp
  • Salt, 1 tbsp
  • Tomatoes, 1 chopped
  • Hard Boiled Eggs, 2
  • Water, 1 glass
  • Coriander, chopped


  1. First, heat Oil in medium non-stick pan on medium heat to low heat.
  2. Add Onions, green chillies and a little salt for taste, mix them well and cook for a minute stirring frequently.
  3. Add Ginger garlic paste with chopped tomato, mix it well, cover and cook for 2 minutes, until soft and mushy.
  4. Add red chili powder, turmeric Powder, some salt, mix it well and saute in low flame.
  5. Now, add garam masala, mix and cook until oil separates.
  6. Add a glass of water, mix well, cover with lid and cook for 2 more minutes at low flame.
  7. Add grated boiled eggs, mix once and let it to cook for 2 minutes at low flame.
  8. Garnish it with fresh chopped coriander and green chilies.
  9. Serves hot with naan, rice or roti and enjoy.

Egg Keema Recipe

Try out this Egg Keema Recipe for tonight dinner and surprise your family and kids. It is so simple and easy recipe. Give it a try and share your experience with me.