A quick and easy recipe to make Nigerian chicken stew at home


How to make quick and easy Nigerian chicken stew at home

Today, I am going to share a quick recipe to make tomato based Nigerian chicken stew at home. It is very easy to make and delicious in taste. The great thing about this dish is it has a yummy blend of tomatoes and onions. It gives a delicious taste to the chicken.

Recipe to make Nigerian chicken stew

For making quick and easy Nigerian Chicken Stew at home, you have to follow the given recipe.


  • Chicken, half kg
  • Habanero pepper, five to six
  • Chopped fresh tomatoes, one bowl
  • Onion, three medium sized
  • Ginger, one tbsp chopped
  • Vegetable Oil, quarter cup
  • Thyme, one tbsp
  • All purpose seasoning, one tbsp
  • Scotch bonnet paper, one
  • Water, quarter cup
  • Curry leaves, two to three
  • Stock cubes, two
  • Salt, as per taste

Nigerian chicken stew


  1. In the first, take a cooking pot and add chicken in it.
  2. Now, add all the dry ingredients in the chicken and water.
  3. Let the chicken tender and cook until it becomes soft.
  4. Then, grill fry the chicken on a grilling pan and set it aside.
  5. Later, blend the tomatoes, peppers and onion well to make a puree.
  6. Now, pour the puree into a pot and put it on the stove to dry excess water.
  7. After that, take a cooking pot and heat some oil in it.
  8. Then, pour in the dried tomato mixture in the cooking pot.
  9. Cover the lid and cook the mixture for 25 minutes until tomato loses its sour taste.
  10. After that, add the chicken stock and chicken cubes in the mixture and mix them well.
  11. Bring the mixture to boil on a medium flame for fifteen minutes.
  12. Now, add fried and grilled chicken and salt as per taste.
  13. Simmer the mixture for five minutes.
  14. Scoop out the excess oil and store for later use.

Delicious Nigerian chicken stew is ready to serve now, garnish it with chopped onion and thyme.