Simple and Easy special Creamy Fruit Chaat Recipe at Home


Delicious Special Creamy Fruit Chaat Recipe

Today, I’m going to share a simple and easy special creamy fruit chaat recipe step by step. Creamy fruit chaat is healthy and tasty dessert. Fruits are great source to get nutrients, vitamins and essential for human body maintenance. Normally, children don’t like to eat fruits. But children love to eat fruit chaat and fruit cake. Fibers and mineral in fruits keep your child kidneys working normally.

Eating lots of fruits lowers the risk of developing diseases. Fruits also make you strong and healthy. Water contains in fruits make your skin soft and hydrated. Fruits boots brain power. You can also use seasonal fruits in this special creamy fruit chaat or those you like.

How to make special creamy fruit chaat at home

Ingredients you need:

  • Apple, two
  • Cocktail mix fruit, one can
  • Bananas, six
  • Cream, one pack
  • Sugar, three tsp
  • Black pepper, one tsp
  • Salt as to taste
  • Chaat masal, to taste
  • Raisin, half cup
  • Almond, crushed half cup
  • Tomato flowers, for garnish


  1. Firstly, take a bowl and puor cream in it.
  2. Now, add sugar as to taste, mix it well with handmade mixer.
  3. Meanwhile, add half crushed almonds.
  4. After that, add black pepper, salt and one tsp of chaat masala or according to your taste.
  5. Then, mix all the ingredients and add half raisins in it, place aside for five minutes.
  6. Later, take another bowl and add apples, cut bananas, and cocktail mix fruit. Mix all the fruits
  7. Next, pour the creamy butter in fruits, and mix all the fruits with cream.
  8. Finally, our special creamy fruit chaat is ready to eat.

Before serving, place into refrigerator. If it cool, it taste will be double. If you like special creamy fruit chaat recipe then must try at home and let me know your feedback by commenting below.