Summer Special Skin Care Cucumber Ice Cube


One Ice Cube for All Skin Problems in Summer You Must Try

Your skin gets dehydrated in summer. As a result of it, you get dry skin. Also, in summer, your skin becomes dark. What to use for your skin to keep it fresh, fair, soft, smooth and glowing? For this, the use of cucumber is one of the best home remedies. Cucumber is high in water content, and thus, it helps to keep your skin hydrated. Also, it makes your skin fair, soft and fresh. The same way, the use of neem protects your skin from infections, acne and pimples. So, if you need a 100% effective remedy for ultimate skin care in summer, you will get the solution here. In the video below, I am going to share with you the recipe to make summer special skin care cucumber ice cube.

How to Get Fair Hydrated Skin in Summer with Cucumber Ice Cube


  • Cucumber, four spoons
  • Neem leaves, one spoon


  • Take four spoons of cucumber paste.
  • In it, add one spoon of neem paste.
  • Now, mix the ingredients well, and make a mixture.
  • Freeze this mixture for a few days to get the best summer special skin care cucumber ice cube.
  • You can store this remedy for seven days in the fridge.

How to Use:

Use this ice cube daily on your skin, and you will not face any skin problem. Rub the ice cube all over on your skin, and then leave it for five minutes. Apply it on your clean face always.

You can use this remedy twice daily. Even you can use it three to four times daily to get maximum benefits of it.  It prevents acne, pimples, dehydration, and burning sensation.

So, if you want to maintain your fair, soft and smooth skin, this is the remedy that will work the best for you. Follow this simple home remedy, and make this summer special skin care cucumber ice cube. This remedy is natural, and it benefits your skin without causing any side effects.